Client Comments

I wanted to take a moment to express how pleased I am with your photography of merchandise for our "Tails" magazine. One would think that product shots would be easy, but having worked with other photographers over the past ten years, I can say that's not the case! Your eye for the lay out and angle of each item has been excellent - no shadows, no wasted space in the shot - all of these demonstrate the thoughtful detail you pay to each item. Your creativity has made the merchandise very attractive and it always translates into increased business for us!
Looking forward to working with you on our next project!
Jan DeFranco
Humane Society of Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri

The photos you retouched for our business went from "Blah!" to "Wow!" And you made the process so easy because you were timely and professional to work with. Thank you, Jamin Leopold Photography! We'll definitely refer you to our friends and colleagues.
Kerry Cassone
Zacaw Enterprises Inc
Northborough, Massachusetts

Jamin... I've got to tell you: I've had a lot of professional photos taken of me over my 20 years as a professional comedy magician. But, the one I get the most comments about is that one you took of me in action at the City Museum! Thanks for your professionalism and talent!
Christian the Magician
Totally Magic Productions
Florida and Missouri

Jamin has a keen sense of the moment. He captures views that others might have missed. Jamin's creativity shines through in every image he captures. He is not afraid to find another way to capture a moment or discover a new view. His technical prowess is matched by a humble heart. It is a pleasure to work with him and experience his photographs.
Meredith Graham
Rochester, New York

Jamin's photos from our wedding are as candid as was our underrehearsed first dance and as sincere as the vows we offered each other. Jamin's warm and easy presence drew our guests out of their shells, and his skill behind the camera captured their energy and emotion on film. We look at his photos and recall the joy and beauty of the day, not the poses we've often been forced to strike as attendants in our friends' weddings.
Judith Kurtz
Burlington, Vermont

Jamin provided us with a fantastic layout of our wedding day from start to finish. The day goes by so quickly - it's great to be able to relive the memories by looking through the pictures he created. Ben was able to capture traditional photos as well as some more artistic and special moments. Several of our pictures truly capture the emotions of our day.
Not only have his photos captured memories to last a lifetime, but I also appreciated Jamin's open communication and flexibility during our wedding day. His dedication and sincerity made him a pleasure to work with!
Christine Jernigan
San Diego, California

An incredible and heartfelt thanks goes out to Jamin of Jamin Leopold Photography for the amazing photos he took of our wedding ceremony! He was prompt and professional; we were very impressed by the amount of different angles he captured and we never felt that he intruded on the moment. The love that we share with each other and our family and friends was reflected in every picture. And nothing was forgotten...we chose the Arlington Inn for its picturesque quality, but never realized that Jamin also saw the beauty of the fountain and gardens until the proofs arrived...such attention to detail! Thanks for everything!
Sarah Albrycht
Saratoga Springs, New York

Jamin captured on film, the stillness and hunger I had to chase my wildest dreams.
Jared Rehberg
New York City, New York

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